Strictly Swarovski

Sue Gregory


5 ml Gem Tac mini fabric glue.


5ml Tube  of Gem Tac with Precision tip.

Perfect multi use glue ideal for adhering crystals onto a wide variety of surfaces!

Applies white....Dries crystal clear...

Can also be used for paper-glitter-gems etc!! Can be used on fabrics (v gentle handwash) - almost anything you can think of!

Also included is a tips and hints information sheet for you to get the best results from your glue!

Please see listing for Strass glue if  gluing crystals to metals ie phones,laptops,i-pods!!!!

Do not confuse with cheaper PVA....this is specialist glue...

It is Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable.

Seller with 10 years with confidence,see feedback.

Free Tips and hints sheet.

Have a look at the Swarovski Crystals in my shop...don't settle for cheaper rhinestones...Swarovski outsparkle and shine every give yourself a treat....